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Jus Buah Pace Obat Berbagai Penyakit

Ini memang berita yang cukup serius walaupun agak aneh ada buah yang bisa mengobati segala penyakit. Buah Pace atau dalam bahasa inggris biasa dikenal sebagai Noni fruit ini memang telah banyak digunakan para ahli pengobatan tradisional untuk mengobati berbagai macam penyakit. Ada yang hanya menggunakan pace atau dengan dicampur ramuan lain baru diminum.

Dalam keadaan muda buah pace ini keras, tetapi kalau sudah tua maka akan lunak dan berbau busuk, tapi justru buah yang berbau busuk ini yang berkhasiat. Baunya saja busuk apalagi meminumnya, wah gawat, bisa muntah muntah. Aku sendiri pernah ditawari buat minum tapi baru mendekat digelasnya saja sudah mau muntah. Mungkin itu sebabnya untuk meminum buah pace ini terus dicampur dengan yang lain atau memakan yang belum terlalu matang sehingga gak terlalu bau busuk, tetapi paling tidak kasiatnya masih bisa kita ambil.

Konon penyakit penyakit yang bisa diobati dengan buah pace ini macam macam, ada penyakit kangker, penyakit LUPUS, penyakit diabetes dan sebagainya. Barangkali diantara pembaca ada yang pernah mengalami pengobatan dengan buah pace dan berhasil tolong beri komentar di blog saya ini, terima kasih.

Ada beberapa yang sudah cerita tentang khasiat buah ini seperti dibawah ini:

Marcy from San Mateo, CA writes: "Noni Juice cured the pain from osteoarthritis; also, no colds or flu for the last year. After a few days of taking tahitian noni juice, I was able to stop using my cane, take longer walks, get up and down stairs better. I'm no longer on any meds for my knee. It also helps me to sleep soundly all night. I've been taking a maintenence dose of 2 TB twice daily for about 3-4 years. My family uses noni juice and noni cream for all sorts of first aid also cured a friend of ulcers."

Al from Phoenix, Az replies: "Hello I know for sure is a yea. Why? Because both my parents use to take more than 10 pills daily back in 1997, now my mom only takes 6 ounce of noni juice daily my dad's the same thing. My mom had heart problems, thyroid, high blood pressure and so on. My dad had arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetic. Before, everytime they miss a pill out of the 10 plus I was talking about they get sick. To me its very simple. FDA will never approve noni or accept the the goodness of it cause of political reasons and also a pay cut for them and the doctors. Noni has been good to me my wife and our 7 kids, and even my parents. Natural cure is better than most medicine but they wont tell us that. Thank you very much. God Bless"

Nell from South Boardman, Michigan writes: "I've been taking noni for about 3 years. Before starting on noni I had a hard time getting up out of chairs or even bed without hurting and moving like a really old person. Now I move up stairs without hanging onto the handrail and sometimes stopping halfway. Works for me!"

Deborah from San Francisco, CA writes: "NONI juice, two ounces per day has helped my arthritis immensely."

Moman from Wasilla, Alaska writes: "Hi everyone I was diagnosed with Aml a little over a year ago, I started taking Noni but being diabectic it kept my sugar up. I dont know if it was beneficial or not.I started using the noni without all of the taste good ingredients, this stuff is tough to drink but since i have been on it, (about 6 Months )I have stop taking my blood pressure Meds as my blood pressure is usually 110/76, Not bad for a 70 year old guy. Is Noni the reason?, I dont know but i will not quit taking it. My red blood cells are still low but i feel that i will overcome that also if i would excercise I take 2oz in the mornings before meals, which is usually a smoothie. Moman"

Sharon from Pecatonica, IL writes: "I am a cancer patient and as a result of the meds I have to take I sometimes after months of treatment end up having to take something for constipation. I use a shot glass and take Noni juice twice a day. I happen to use a double shot. twice a day. But then I am also taking some strong pain pills (which tend to cause constipation). When I use my Noni faithfully I do not have near the problems. If the constipation is persistent I eat fresh peaches or grapes with it. I also give Noni to my granddaughter who is 7 years old and has had problems in the past and we have really noticed a difference with 1 shot a day as maintenance for her."

Becky from Buffalo, NY writes: "A close, young relative of mine has cancer of the throat, jaw, tongue, etc. He is in the final stages of the disease and was told the treatments were not working.. He is now taking Noni juice through his Gastric Feeding tube and seems to be improving. The tumors seemed to have shrunk... the lesions are draining...he had been given the last rights.... he wanted to look in the mirror after the tumors shrunk..., he is writing notes again and is resting more comfortably and he is on pain medications also... It will be a Miracle for sure if the Noni cures him."

Richard from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada writes: "Been doing my own experiment with noni for six months now since i have gout and joint pain with inflamation when i drink the noni juice about 2 oz three time s a day i am free from gout and very healthy the whole body is. When i stop talking noni after about a month the gout and joint pain and inflamation is back.Go back on the noni and am healthy again nuf said--Rick"

Jackie from Grand Rapids, MN writes: "a couple of yrs. ago, i ordered proxenal via internet contains morinda citrofolia or noni plant. i took it for exactly 45 days and the roots of my white/grey hair started turning glossy and dark like a young person. well, at the time i liked my grey hair and stopped immediately. Lately, i wanted to try to get some dark hair but couldn't remember the name of the product and started black strap molasses. After reading about Noni juice the morinda citrofolia name rang a bell and i found proxenal again on line only being upgraded to proxicine. When i purchased the proxenal, it was advertised to be the only vitamin/mineral the human body needs.I didn't notice real dramatic changes in energy level like i have had with BSM, and ACV, but the dark hair roots was really noticeable"

Muriel from Durham, North Carolina writes: "

From April 1998 until November 1999 I was so sick I felt I was slowly dying. ALL of my joints hurt. I was tired all of the time. I was tested for everything you could imagine. My GP sent me to a rhematolagist. She tested and tested and then literally through her hands up in the air and said she didn't know what was wrong with me. I just had an autoimmune disorder. My sister told me about Noni Juice. I drank 2 oz. a day and within days I began to feel better. After 2 weeks I was completely well. I almost forgot how bad I felt before then.

I alway have a friend who became ill last year. It was almost the same symptoms I had plus some others. The doctors did the samething too. They ruled out things but didn't know what it WAS. He finally passed out on the street one day and ended up in the hospital for 4 days. I told him to try Noni Juice. Hey, it couldn't hurt. He bought some and was completely well in 2 to 3 weeks.

We both swear by it. We both drank the Vitamin Shoppe brand. I've tried others and they didn't work as well. Also, I don't bother with other forms of Noni. I don't dilute it either. It won't cure everything and it doesn't always work for everyone but it does work."


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