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Want Rich But No Fund

If you want rich you must know of every link business that is available right know. But not all the kind of business have good effect, either to you or others image. Sometime by using bank certificate like stock and derivative have good effect but sometime can just manipulate the real business condition.

For example if your company have price of $1000, after involve in stock exchange your company's price can boost up until $ 2000, but with asset with just $ 1000. This is that I mean by using stock can manipulate the real condition.

Those example also have happened to America that currently on crisis. If the crisis happen on certain industry, this is exactly very easy to calculate. If that industry still have benefit it's may be just miss management, but if that industry sell product below manufacturing production minimum this company is growing bankrupt, even sell product higher than production cost.


American Crisis mengatakan…
Krisis di Amerika saat ini banyak menimbulkan efek domino, pada para blogger juga begitu. Tapi kalau blogger yang pendapatannya kecil ya tetap kecil. Nah yang biasanya besar baru kerasa. Masalahnya apa? Karena banyak nilai klik yang biasanya besar jadi turun drastis, terutama pemasang iklan dari Amerika.

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