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Play the Game with AdSense

AdSense can pay you online, AdSense also can give a donor, online free donor. Just click on the right side of this page and no body loose for this. If you click this Adsense advertise, don’t think that I will be paid by AdSense, some time I also should pay to Google, if you click my Advertisement on Google, because I also follow Adwords program to advertise my product.

Google get money from Advertising and Publisher will get money from stick advertising on their site or their blogs. Publisher and Google like to play a game, but the game will end with consume of money. Sometime loose and sometime win. Win mean have a surplus and loose mean minus. Minus! Because for using internet, we always spent time and money, and sometime no money get. There are cost for this, may be no body calculated, but actually always run the game. Cost for time, electric, internet and many others.

Google AdSense advertising is signed by ‘Ads by Google’ on that advertisement, Bidvertiser is different word use, they use sign ‘Advertise here’. The principle is same, how they are paid for publisher and how advertiser pay to this organizer.


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