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Labor Strike and Demonstration

Labor strike this year happened in every place with varies of demand, but the main point they want more prosperity or worry about their future prosperity or welfare.

The company that is done a demonstration such as employee of Angkasa Pura I from 14 airports employees (3/3/08), they want increase in salary, social security system and old day subsidy. PT. Pusri Palembang, they want adjustment welfare (17/4/08). PT. Daya Besar, they don’t any other route permission from Pemda, so they worry about downing their income of street car (17/04/2008). PLN employees demonstration on 30/1/08 for changing the company status from Government Company (PN) to Public Company (Perum), they will no pension anymore, they just got allowance of retirement. PT. Semen Gresik, PT. AMA, PT. Indosat, PT. Sampoerna and many other company. The newest news happened in PT. South Pacific Viscose – Purwakarta (14/7/08), they want salary increment higher than received now.

Demonstration or labor strikes are not just happen in Indonesia; in other country also occur of demonstration. In Germany (05/3/08) the main airport is totally stopped, they want increase in salary. Employee said that they never get any salary increment after work for 16 years.

They all want their future welfare or they are worried about their future. This year many labor strike or demonstration, each of this demonstration have certain characteristic. Demonstration in developed country tend take place organized, tidy and polite. 1.3 million employee of Ver member conducting a demonstration, they want salary increment until 8% but the Government offer 5%.

In Indonesia demonstration often happened in middle welfare company, in low welfare company the demonstration not happening. If demonstration happened in company who give a low welfare, sometime the demonstration tend happened very anarchies, but this seldom happened. In medium welfare company the demonstration tend take place rather polite and not anarchies. Please observe by yourself.....


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