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Inflasi Terbesar di Dunia

Small money 500 million dollar Zimbabwe just been printed on Mei 2008 only value of 2 US dollar or just enough for one time meal. Zimbabwe recorded as country with the biggest inflation in the world, 2,200,000 % (2.2 million percent!), the price is increasing in minutes, the employee very busy to change the price label every day.

The Bank of Zimbabwe have release new money 100 billion Dollars (100 milyar dollar) on July 20, 2008, wao..... hard to count hah. The new record of biggest money nominal in the world. Zimbabwe always get new record lately, unfortunately only in a bad case record. Zimbabwe also have the highest inflation with 2.2 million %, this make the economic condition in confusion.

In several years ago, may be you still remember especially for Indonesian people about the Brazilian money, this money also not valued. In Brazil several years ago, for one time eat when take a walk need for 2 million local money, my friend tells about their experience short live in Brazil.


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