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Persoalan Matematika dan Fisika

Berikut saya berikan contoh persoalan matematika yang berhubungan dengan statistic dan persoalan fisika yang untuk latihan anda memasuki Universitas.

Coba simak persoalan dibawah ini dan lihat pembahasannya pada link yang tersedia:

Statistic Problem:
1. Known the number of ball n(s) = 100 Ask: The change take a ball with number divisible by 5 but not divisible by 3 if taken randomly.

 2. Known: One badminton team consist of 5 members, will decide 2 people play a single players, and 2 pairs to play double. Ask: How many option can be made.

Solve these Physical Movement Problems:

1. A good have 2 kg weight is moving with constant speed, suddenly collide sand bag and get force f with time function as on the picture below.

Speed changes on the first 4 second is ….

(a) 11.6 m/s
(b) 10.6 m/s
(c) 9.6 m/s
(d) 8.6 m/s (e) 7.6 m/s

 2. Two good each have simple dynamic moving with each formula as follows:

 y1 = 8 sin 100t, y2 = 6 sin (100t – π/2), where x and y in cm while t in second, the magnitude of amplitude superposition of both vibration is ……

(a) 14 cm
(b) 10 cm
(c) 8 cm
(d) 6 cm
(e) 2 cm


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